Kenwood HB724 Triblade Hand Blender Review


The Kenwood HB724 Triblade Hand Blender is a powerful kitchen machine built for superior performance. Aside from packing a lot of power, the Triblade also has several special features that make it stand out from the rest. The machine also comes with several attachments that will make food blending easier.

Kenwood HB724 Hand Blender Features

The most important feature in the Triblade is its 700W motor, which is more than sufficient for every day blending and mixing. One of the problems with low quality kitchen machines is they lack power, but that won’t be an issue here. In addition, the Triblade is equipped with variable speed and turbo, and its ergonomic design makes it convenient to handle.

The Triblade can be operated with one hand, and it comes with 0.5L calibrated chopper, an anti-slip rubber mat and stainless steel blades. The anti-slip rubber mat is a convenient feature, saving you the trouble of holding the machine just to keep it from moving around.

The Triblade also comes with a 0.75L calibrated beaker and a BigFoot Pan Blender and several blades you can use to make everything from smoothies and soups. The balloon whisk works well as you might expect, and the aforementioned stainless steel blades mean you don’t have to worry about rust.

The Triblade package includes a special attachment for pureeing and mashing, and the 0.75 L beaker comes in very handy as you’re preparing food. Design wise the Triblade doesn’t look bad either and should fit well regardless of your kitchen’s motif. As you might expect from a high quality hand blender, the design is fully ergonomic so you won’t feel tired even when using it.

Apart from the ergonomic design, the Triblade has a versatile speed function as well as turbo mode for efficient use. All the attachments for the Triblade are dishwasher safe so it’s easier to clean than others. For all its features and power, the hand blender isn’t heavy and very comfortable to hold.

Aside from the features, this Kenwood Hb724 Triblade Hand Blender review can also point out its pros and cons.

Kenwood Hb724 Triblade Pros

  • Compact
  • The motor is very powerful
  • Easy to clean
  • The instructions are very clear
  • The attachments and accessories are very useful

Kenwood Hb724 Triblade Cons

  • You can’t use the machine to blend very hard foods
  • The power dial can be difficult to turn unless your hands are dry

The Triblade has a lot of great features, and given its dimensions a real space saver. Unlike other hand blenders, the Triblade is packed with a lot of features, and the attachments are functional, not just for decoration. Because of the way the Triblade has been designed, it’s easy to put away when not in use. There are other hand blenders true, but when it comes to function and versatility, this one is very hard to beat.