An in-Depth Review of Kenwood Chef km336

The Kenwood Chef km336 is a specially designed mixer that combines the look of classic machines while providing you with the latest in technology. While the machine is powerful enough to handle advanced mixing and heavy duty use, it’s very easy to operate.

Kenwood Chef km336 Features

The km336 comes in a shiny white finish, but the improvements go deeper as it now has 800w of power, which makes it easier than ever to mix pastries, cakes and even blend soups. The bowl is non-stick and is specially coated so cleaning won’t be a problem. All the tools furthermore, are dishwasher safe, and they are made of cast stainless steel so you can be sure that they’re built to last.

Particularly noteworthy here is the K Beater, which is capable of reaching every area in the bowl, perfect when you’re preparing cakes, pastries or biscuits. The mixer is also more than capable of handling pasta dough and meat balls.

The whisk meanwhile has been specially designed so that it produces maximum volume, so that when mixed it incorporates a lot of air which is essential for getting that fluffy, light texture. As anyone who’s prepared cheesecakes, meringues or soufflés will tell you, texture is very important.

Mixing traditionally has been hard work, but this machine’s dough hook makes the process a lot easier. Basically it does all the work for you when it comes to stretching and kneading, and it does so quickly and smoothly. One of the problems you encounter with other mixers is the dough hook is only good for a specific task. That’s not the case with the Chef Classic as it can produce dough for different kinds of bread and pastries.

Kenwood Chef Classic Km336 Pros

Based on several Kenwood Chef Classic Km336 reviews, the mixer works very well, and you’ll definitely be tempted to buy one. Before you do so, a look at the pros and cons will be necessary.
• It is very durable
• Comes with several mixing tools
• Easy to clean
• Three power outlets are included
• Versatile

Kenwood Chef Classic Km336 Cons

• Some adjustments are needed when using the machine
• The machine can be quite noisy when configured to the highest settings


The Km336 is a solid mixer, and it delivers. The mixer is quick, reliable and versatile enough to handle practically anything you throw at it. It’s also good to note that the km336 has a well designed splash guard, something you don’t usually find in other mixers.

No matter how impressive a mixer looks, it’s all for naught if the mixing isn’t any good. Fortunately the Km336 excels in mixing, and that’s something attested to by the many positive reviews of the product. As many reviewers have noted, the beater moves in one direction and the socket in another, so that no part of the mixture inside the bowl is left out.