The Philips juicer hr1861 is designed for those who want quick and easy juicing. If you’ve been hampered by complex juicers that can do everything but juice, then the Hr1861 could be what you’re looking for. While packed with a lot of features, it’s also easy to use and was built with the serious juicer in mind.

Hr1861 Features

The Hr1861 has a lot of impressive features including multiple speed options for hard and soft fruits, and it is powered by a 700 watt motor, something you can’t find in other machines. In addition, the Hr1861 allows you to juice continuously thanks to a very generous two liter capacity, and the stainless steel micromesh filter ensures long life.

The tube is extra large so there’s no need for you to cut vegetables and fruits in small pieces, a very convenient feature lacking in other juicers. Not only is the Hr1861 convenient to use, but all the parts are dishwasher safe so cleaning is quick and easy. For many people though, the biggest attraction here would no doubt be the large chute since it does away with all the chopping, coring and peeling that comes with juicing fruits.

The motor’s power is most apparent when you’re juicing hard fruits, and it’s also worth mentioning that its pulp container is big enough for heavy duty juicing. In other words, this is a machine designed for those who want lots of juice.

The proprietary micromesh filter plays a huge role in the juicing process as it squeezes the last drop of juice from a fruit. In fact you can make a full glass of juice from just two apples, testament to the Hr1861’s power. And speaking of apples, the juicer can take entire apples or carrots without cutting.

Once you’re done juicing, the Philips Juicer’s removable components may be removed for rinsing or just place them in a dishwasher. One of the most frequent complaints with juicers is they’re hard to clean up, but as this Philips Juicer Hr1861 review can point out, that’s something Philips took care of here.

The other thing that’s worth mentioning here is the power, as it can juice fruits even without peeling. Yes, you can put entire lemons, apples or oranges in it and the juicer will do the rest. However, it’s recommended that you remove an orange’s skin as it is bitter.

The Philips Juicer, many will be pleased to note, isn’t as noisy as others, so you don’t have to worry about raising a ruckus when it is turned on. As far as size goes it is quite compact and won’t take up too much space on your countertop. In addition, putting the thing together is as easy as removing the parts for cleaning. This is a very nice feature as one of the more frustrating aspects of juicers is the cleaning. Fortunately that’s not the case here as the parts have been specially designed to be easy to assemble.

Hr1861 Pros

  • Generous capacity
  • Powerful motor
  • Juices every last drop from fruits and vegetables
  • Made from anodized aluminum
  • Doesn’t mark or stain
  • The liter jug holds 1.5 liters, bigger than other juicers
  • The foam separator is detachable for easy cleaning
  • Durable

Hr1861 Cons

  • The lid design could be better
  • The machine jumps a little when you first start up so you need to hold it

Customer Reviews

The Philips Juicer has received a lot of positive reviews online, with most of them taking note of how durable it is. As one reviewer, Jonathan of New York said, as long as you let the motor cool down after each juicing session, it will last a long time. Martha of Boston also wrote a review of the product, saying that she had never seen a juicer extract so much juice from a fruit before.

Jordan of Kentucky also sent in a review and said the large capacity was very handy and the results were the best he’s had. Judging from all the reviews, it’s evident that the Philips Juicer has created a positive impact among customers. Based on the impressions left behind by reviewers, the juicer is every bit as dependable as the manufacturer claims.


The Philips Juicer is a powerful juicer, and it is built for heavy duty use. The feature set is impressive and practical, and it makes terrific juice. The powerful motor coupled with the generous capacity allows it to go through carrots easily. If you have used other juicers before, you would be able to compare them with this one, and you will see just how much more juice it can extract from the same kind of fruit.