Review of Kenwood Major KMM023 Mega Pack

For people who love to cook, they will surely make the effort to fill their kitchen with all the efficient cooking tools and equipment they can find in the market. Now, if you are looking for a mixer, then there is only one option you need to consider and nothing else.

That mixer product should only be Kenwood Major KMM023 Mega Pack Kitchen Machine. This page is meant to present to you the Kenwood KMM023 review. Here, you will learn everything that is advantageous about having the product in your kitchen.

Who Could Buy/ Benefit from this Product?
Are you looking for a stylish looking mixer, but also one that offers a powerful motor? If you are, you do not need to look any further since you now found what you are looking for. The Kenwood Major! It is a nice piece of kitchen equipment you would love to use during the Christmas season, especially if you love preparing Christmas mincemeat. The equipment has the power to mince the apples thoroughly and produce well prepared mincemeat.

Kenwood  KMM023 Kitchen Machine Description

Kenwood Major is named for a reason. It is integrated with a 1500-watt motor, offers a bowl made from stainless steel and has a capacity of 6.7 liters. Its capacity allows you to cope with big food preparations. It is a nice piece of machine that can serve you well and even be your partner in the kitchen.

It is the partner you must have if you want to end those days when you often think about what is the next meal you should present to your family. The mixer is not only a kitchen tool, but one that offers plenty of included accessories for more efficient food preparation and cooking on your part. It can also perform a range of cooking or food preparation tasks, including kneading, chopping, slicing, milling, grinding, squeezing, blending and many more!

Product Features

  • Planetary Mixing Action – A good performance in a mixer is measured with its ability to mix the ingredients well in the bowl. The item offers a different beater motion, which is in a planetary way. It only means that the beater and socket turns in two opposite directions to make sure that the mixture is efficiently picked around the mixing bowl. Thus, it is able to thoroughly mix the mixture.
  • Bowl Tools – This model is equipped with 3 dishwasher-safe mixing tools meant for baking tasks. The tools are all made from stainless steel. It comes with a flexi beater as well featuring a flexible edge made from rubber.
  • The K Beater – It is a feature designed to reach the entire area of the bowl for superior mix. It is a good feature to be used for mixing cakes, pasta dough, biscuits and many more.
  • Whisk, Dough Hook and Creaming Beater – These are the other tools that came with the product. The whisk is great in mixing mousses, cheesecakes and meringues. The dough hook is the hard worker among the three since it is the one used in kneading bread. The creaming butter is the tool used in mixing all soft mixtures and ensures that it is mixed well.

ThermoResist – It is the Kenwood Major feature that is made from high quality borosilicate glass for its thermal-shock resistant properties. This allows users to use it in various applications, including blending of cold drinks and ice to blending of hot soup without the risk of shattering or cracking the glass.

Power Outlets – This model of Kenwood Major mixer is designed with a number of power outlets. All the outlets are designed for specific food preparation tasks.

Slow, Medium and High Speed Power Outlets – It is among the models from Kenwood Chef Range that offer three speed power outlets. The outlets are located in different parts of the item.

Bowl Outlet – It is the outlet meant for further attachments like an ice cream maker attachment.

Kenwood KMM023 Pros

All the features above only show that every mixing needs of the user can be addressed using the machine. It is specifically designed to suit all of the user’s needs. Now, whatever mixing task you need to do, the machine has a list of outlets where the necessary attachments can be attached. It is also designed excellently and has innovative and durable assortments, which is what the Kenwood Chef is known for. With this machine present in your kitchen, all your food preparations can be done with ease.

Kenwood KMM023 Cons

The only con in Kenwood Major it is lead, which is very short. The users complained that it cannot be moved on a lower surface for certain attachments to be used. An extension lead may still be used, but it would be better if the one with the item is longer.