The Dyson dc25 multi floor is not just another vacuum cleaner, as it is very light and equipped with Dyson’s Root Cyclone so you get 100% full suction power. Furthermore, it has been engineered for cleaning different floor types, and you can even shut down the motor brush bar for delicate carpets and hard flooring, something other cleaners don’t give you.

Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Features

The Dyson is equipped with some impressive features, but the highlight is definitely the proprietary Ball technology that makes the vacuum cleaner easier to move around. With this technology, you’ll no longer have to wrestle with the cleaner just to make it go to the direction you want. As mentioned earlier, there is a motor brush built in that’s perfect for removing pet hair on rugs and carpets.

The unit also has a Quick-draw Telescope Reach wand to clean places and spots that are hard to reach. As any Dyson dc25 multi floor review can say, this is one of the most convenient features on the vacuum cleaner because it helps you get rid of dirt stuck under furniture, corners etc.

For many people though, the Ball technology is the most important feature as it makes the steering much easier. With other vacuum cleaners you’ll need to do a lot of steering and manoeuvring. Not here though since the Dyson can move around furniture and appliances easily. Finally, the Dyson dc25 multi floor lightweight Dyson ball weighs just 7.4 kg, lighter than other vacuum cleaners ranged against it.

Dyson DC25 Pros

  • Very easy to steer
  • Picks up a lot of dirt
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful

Dyson DC25 Cons

  • The dust bin could have been larger
  • Angling the handle back into place requires a bit of practise

Customer Reviews

Since this Dyson line came out, most reviewers have given it four or five stars, testament to how good it is. Most of the reviews have focused on its ability to pick up dirt and how well it compares to other vacuum cleaners. Others have commented on how quiet it is when pitted against vacuum cleaners and it has also received a lot of good feedback for durability.

On the other hand, some customers have complained about the size of the bin, but there are few if any complaints about its efficiency in cleaning dirt. And a majority of the reviewers have stated that the Ball technology has changed the way they clean, and made household cleaning actually kind of fun.


At the end of this Dyson dc25 multi floor review, it should be clear that this is one of the most feature rich vacuum cleaners in the market. The Ball technology is as good as advertised and will literally change the way you handle a vacuum cleaner. The dust bin could have been bigger yes, but if you have a regular sized home this will suffice. There are more expensive vacuum cleaners but there’s no need to pay more as this will do just fine.

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